Fiik Big Daddy

Fiik Big Daddy Generation 1

Well, I might just be crazy cause I just bought a skateboard that’s worth more then my car! After only two weeks, I decided to order the board I really wanted the Fiik Big Daddy!

I wanted to order the Fiik Big Daddy originally, but my cheapness won out and I ordered the much cheaper MotoTec 1600W Off Road skateboard from Amazon. My plan was to see if I enjoyed the sport enough to to make spending Big Money on the Fiik Big Daddy worthwhile.

The MotoTec 1600w skateboard is a ton of fun, but didn’t go nearly as long or far as I hoped. The battery would last for 6-8 miles off road and with a VERY noticeable loss of power after only 3-5 miles… not quite long enough. And… I busted a wheel bearing on 2nd ride, but it wasn’t a huge deal to replace that and the wheel spacer. Read my full MotoTec 1600W Skateboard Review.

Fiik is an Australian skateboard company that has been making electric boards for 10+years.  It was started by 2 brothers and they have a great back story about tinkering with motors as kids even asking for a used motor for their birthday. After reading their backstory I really wanted to own one of their products.

I ordered the Biggest of the Big the Big Daddy 30ah Skateboard which on their website states 50 miles on a single charge(we shall see)… It is a lithium polymer battery that takes 4-5 hours to charge.  I can’t imagine I will ever run out of juice on a trail with a 50 mile range (that is top end, but even if I can get 30 Miles Off Road I will be stoked!). It is really hard to find any info on the 30ah Fiik Big Daddy which is the whole reason I started this website… I could not find a single honest review on the 30ah Fiik Big Daddy. There is some good info on the 13ah model which gave me faith that this would at least be a good quality board.

A couple other key points on the 30ah Fiik Big Daddy model…

  • It weighs 60lbs (about 10lbs more then the 13ah model) that might be a problem for some, but I could care less… it is built for off road riding and the weight gives it more stability.  Most of the weight is the battery and a smaller battery means your not going as far.
  • Top speed of 22 MPH on level smooth surface
  • 4-5 Hour Charge Time
  • ABS Regenerative Brakes ON a skateboard… thats just cool
  • Comes with headlights and tail lights for night riding… definitely going to take advantage of that!
  • 12 month warranty (Interested to see how their customer service is)

The Fiik Big Daddy and the Fiik Street Surfer are both off road skateboards. As far as I can tell the big difference is the knobby tires on the Big Daddy.  I plan on mostly riding dirt trails so that is what I wanted, although I would like to try some smoother tires to see if their really is much of a difference eventually. After ordering the Big Daddy I contacted Fiik them to ask about their “Street Special Tires” but haven’t gotten any answers yet.

I will give a full report once I receive my new Fiik Big Daddy 30ah Off Road beast of a skateboard! Check out my first impression of the Fiik Big Daddy Skateboard.

I received the Big Daddy! – Read my full review after 1 Month Awesomeness – Fiik Big Daddy Review

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