Off Road Skateboard

Off Road Skateboard

Seems like a bit of weird hobby right? It is definitely a little different, confirmed by the looks I get from strangers when I ride around and comments like “What the heck is that?”

Get Your Butt Outdoors

It’s an easy excuse to get outdoors. I love being outdoors and I am not talking about going walking down the sidewalk with my dog. When I go for a run I would much rather be in the woods on a trail then on a sidewalk in my neighborhood.  Fishing, hiking, camping, whatever I am just happier outside.

Is It for Adrenaline Junkies?

I don’t know anyone that would describe me like that… a little reckless sometimes, sure.  But, I have never been skydiving, bungee jumping or anything like that. It is definitely exciting riding a skateboard down a rough dirt road then turning hard and kicking up some dust, but you can go as fast or slow as you want on and electric skateboard.

Is Off Road Skateboarding Hard/Safe?

It may not look it, but it’s actually quite easy to balance on many of the off road skateboards.  They are made to be very sturdy so you won’t fall of when your flying down a dirt path and run over a decent bump or rock. Will you get hurt? Yea probably, but if you wear at a minimum a good helmet and wrist guards and employ some common sense you will likely avoid major injuries. Expect to get scraped and bruised on a regular basis. My daughter likes to clean me up when I get back!

Off Road skateboarding injury

Off Road skateboarding injury


Is Off Road Skateboarding legal?

There are different laws for every city and state… but honestly I am not sure I care.  If I get busted I will pay the fine and find another place to ride, but I don’t think that will happen too often.  I passed a park ranger the other day and all she said was “Good Morning”. I am 34 years old wearing pads ridging a monster truck of a skateboard… I might look like a goofball, but I am sure I don’t look like I am there to cause trouble. I don’t ride on busy trails in the middle of the day on a Saturday.  I like to find trails that are off the beaten path or just ride mid week early morning so I won’t piss anyone off.

So for me Off Road Skateboarding checks a lot of boxes… It’s outside, exciting, different, free (if you have a board… not including electricity), and fun as hell!

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