I ordered the 30ah Fiik Big Daddy off road electric skateboard from ewheelsshop.com last Friday 20th and it should arrive tomorrow exactly 1 week later. Bad news for me is they were out of stock on the 30ah battery (not just ewheelsshop, but everyone) so they shipped

fiik off road skateboard

Can’t wait to get my feet on the Big Daddy off road skateboard!

out the Fiik Big Daddy with the 13ah battery and will ship out the bigger battery “late august” to “swap out”.

I am very happy so far with ewheelsshop.com.  Obviously, I would love to get the battery I ordered with it, but their solution to send me the 13ah battery first then swap it out when the bigger battery arrives is great. They know we are pumped to get on this Bad A skateboard and are going the extra mile!

I started this site mainly because I couldn’t find any HONEST info on the Fiik Big Daddy and specifically the 30ah Enduro Lithium Battery. Since they are sending me the 13ah battery first I will be able to give you an honest review on whether upgrading to the 30ah battery pack is worth the extra cost (roughly a $400 difference)… a silver lining!

The Fiik Website states that the 30ah Battery will take you up to 50 miles on a single charge! On other websites I have seen a max of 33 miles… again a lot of contradicting info out there on these Big Off Road Boards. I seriously doubt I will see anywhere near that range off road skateboarding, but even 25 miles would be pretty crucial!

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