I’m happy to say I received the Fiik Big Daddy 13ah all terrain off road skateboard on Friday July 27th and have had a few days to play around with it. I read initial charge times of anywhere from 1-2 hours all the way to 11-12… mine took about 9 hours for the charge light to change from red to green. It was about 9:30 PM by then, but I had to take it for a quick spin.

Fiik Big Daddy Skateboard 13ah Vs. MotoTec 1600w

It is comparable in size and look to the MotoTec 1600 watt off road skateboard, but that is where the similarities end.  It is 20lbs lighter and I must say that makes a BIG difference. The Fiik Big Daddy off road skateboard does not have shocks like the MotoTec… not sure how that will effect the off road riding experience yet, but looking forward to testing it out. The Big Daddy has a carry handle that can also be used as a grab bar for turning.  The handle is sturdy and definitely a nice addition.

The Fiik Big Daddy 13ah all terrain skateboard has 4 speed settings ranging from 1 slow to 4 warp speed.  You will definitely want to start with 1.  I’m not sure if the motor has more torque or it’s just the lighter weight, but the front end will lift off the ground even on setting 1 if you’re not careful to lean forward on takeoff.

Turning radius is very similar to the MotoTec skateboard, give yourself plenty of room to turn… I don’t expect this to be a problem on trails.

I have not had any issue with the Fiik Big Daddy Skateboard remote, I believe that the Street Surfer uses the exact same remote.

Fiik Big Daddy All Terrain Tires

The Fiik Big Daddy tires are thick knobby all terrain and grip the road and off road very well.  I will say I think the MotoTec had a little better traction because it is 2 wheel drive, but I may just need to get a better hang of the throttle.

Fiik Big Daddy 13ah Battery Life

Currently i’m on vacation in upstate NY and have been playing around with it every day for an hour or so in a big hilly yard.  Even with the 13ah battery I haven’t yet run out of juice before my brother and I need a break, where as the MotoTec would certainly have died. I will give a more accurate review on the battery life of the Fiik Big Daddy 13ah battery life once I can get it out on a long trail.

After a few days playing around with it, I am starting to get the hang of the throttle and turning.  I cannot wait to get the Fiik Big Daddy on some good long off road trails back home in Virginia.  One thing is for sure, the Big Daddy is an Off Road Monster of a Skateboard and is a ton of fun.  

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