When I received the new Big Daddy electric Off Road Skateboard from Fiik I was surprised to find that the remote was totally different then the ones I had seen online for both the Fiik Big Daddy and the Fiik Street Surfer.  The new remote is the same for both Fiik Off Road Skateboard models.

The first Generation Fiik Wireless Remote had a toggle switch with 3 settings, ON, OFF, & ON With LED Lights (Controlled the Lights on the front of the remote only). It took a 9V Battery which could be easily replaced on the go.  The down side to that battery of course is that you would need to carry extras. The speed control was a 3 way switch inside of the battery compartment, no way to change the speed without stopping and opening up the battery compartment.

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The 2nd Generation remote is a big upgrade.  It has a small LCD screen that displays battery life of the remote, the battery life of the skateboard, speed in KM/H, and the speed setting you are currently using.  The LCD screen also tells you if the lights are ON and if the skateboard is in reverse. The battery, which lasts about 10 hours, is now rechargeable using a micro USB cable that they provide.

To turn the remote ON simply tap the button above the LCD screen once. Turn your Fiik Big Daddy or Fiik Street Surfer skateboard ON and the remote will automatically connect. To turn the remote OFF just press and hold the same button for 1 second.

The throttle and brake are controlled by your trigger finger.  Gently pull back on trigger to go, and to brake gently push the trigger forward. This takes some time to get used to, but with some practice you will have it down soon enough.

With the new Fiik wireless remote you can now easily change the speed setting while riding the skateboard (a BIG deal). Just tap the bottom right button once to go from speed 1 -2, again to go from 2-3, and once more to go from 3-4.  If you press the speed control setting again it will go back down from 4-3 and so on. Especially while getting comfortable with the big daddy skateboard I would change the speed settings a lot.  I still use it now when I come to a traffic crossing or am passing a family walking so I have a little extra control.

Tapping the bottom left button will put the Big Daddy Skateboard in reverse.  Not a setting I use often at this point, but pretty damn cool.

You will definitely want to start out on speed setting 1.  This skateboard has enough power to lift up on the front end if you aren’t careful, even at the lower speed settings so be smart.  If you are mostly cruising and not stopping a lot, you will get pretty board of the first speed setting.  Good thing you can now change speed settings WHILE you are riding on the board… just remember to toggle back down when you come to a stop.

All in all I must say I am very happy with the new Fiik Skateboard Remote.  It is the same for the Big Daddy and the Street Surfer Off Road Skateboards. I have yet to lose connection with the board while riding.  The design is intuitive and ergonomic.


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