I can’t believe it has only been 30 days since I got the Fiik Big Daddy Skateboard!  My biggest concern was spending so much money on a “Toy” that I might not use enough to justify the price tag.  Well, I can say with absolute certainty that I am no longer concerned about that.

Every morning I wake up, grab some coffee and a kid and hit the road on my Big Daddy. With the kids I use it more like a “Power Sled” then a skateboard. I sit on the board with one of them on my lap and we tool around the neighborhood till my butt is tired of sitting.  Feeling the cool wind on my face in the morning is a GREAT way to start the day. As a side note I keep the speed at a Max of 2 with the kids. I have found that cranking it up to 3 can cause a scary wobble that is tough to control while seated.

The scoop on the 13AH and 30AH Battery Packs

Using the skateboard in the morning I don’t come anywhere near running out of juice. Even towing kids in a bike trailer up and down hills… Most of the time there is plenty of battery life to go for a good ride in the evening.  However, if I am planning on a longer ride at night I will charge it mid day.

I am looking forward to getting my 30AH battery pack and testing it out. Honestly though, it is probably overkill for me.  I have toyed with the idea of canceling the order since they are still out of stock (and it was $400 price difference!).  I think I will probably not cancel it though.  The extra battery life will likely come in handy on vacations or the occasional extra long rides.

Neighbors Love It

Okay, I have no idea if they love it or not.  I get a lot of looks from people and at first this was mostly uncomfortable as I am not the most outgoing person. Now watching peoples faces to see how they react is one of my favorite parts.

I think their reaction also tells a lot about the person. If they smile, give a thumbs up, say thats awesome (all very common)… Then they are probably a fun loving person who would probably really enjoy a ride on the Fiik Big Daddy.

On the other hand some people appear almost afraid to look directly at me. As if seeing a grown man riding a giant off road skateboard is a normal part of their day.

I told my Wife I feel like Dancing Dan from the show Raising Hope. That’s probably a great exaggeration, but I feel like a neighborhood celebrity.

Problems with the Big Daddy?

None worth complaining about! Nothing has broken, no major accidents, I really don’t have any major issues with this skateboard.

The remote has lost connection with the board occasionally, but briefly (1-2 seconds). If you are accelerating when this happens it will cause the board to jerk a bit, which is a little scary, but hasn’t caused me to bail yet.  If it happens when braking before an intersection, its a bit scarier.  In that case I jumped off and hit the brakes, the connection always comes back quick enough to stop the board. So far this is just a minor inconvenience it happens maybe 1 or 2 times a day. Not a huge deal, most of the time it doesn’t affect the ride at all and I barely notice.

Building up confidence

I am not a professional skateboarder. Up until 1 year ago, I had not ridden a skateboard since I was a kid.  Initially going for my nightly ride I would keep the speed to a max of 2 then 3 and now I am getting pretty comfortable on the 4th setting.  Moving up the the 4th setting is a little scary as you will have trouble landing on your feet if you have to bail at that speed.

I am starting to really enjoy flying down grassy areas.  I am always looking for good long grassy areas to cruise on, even better if there are some slopes or obstacles to weave in and out of.  One area near my house has a ditch for the rain, kind of like a super small half pipe, that is a blast to play around on.

It is easy to get pretty comfortable with the basics of riding this skateboard.  Literally with in 10 minutes of hopping on you will be comfortable cruising around. It does take a little longer to get truly confident with fast speeds, power carving, etc.

The Fun Never Stops with the Fiik Big Daddy!


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