Fiik Big Daddy Review

Fiik Big Daddy Review

In this Fiik Big Daddy Skateboard Detailed Review you can find out what you can and can’t expect.  A detailed review from the wheels to the motor.  Is the 30AH Battery pack worth the extra $ or is the 13AH Battery right for you?

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Fiik Street Surfer Review

Street Surfer 30AH Skateboard

In my detailed Fiik Street Surfer Skateboard Review you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about this electric skateboard.  A detailed review from the head to the tail.  Is this the off road skateboard for you and can you even handle it?

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MotoTec 1600W Skateboard Review

MotoTec 1600W Skateboard

The MotoTec 1600W Skateboard is an Off Road / All Terrain Board. It features a wireless remote, huge knobby tires, 2 motors 800w each, and big shocks! Is this the right off road skateboard for you?

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