Fiik Big Daddy Skateboard Review


Off Road Traction


Speed and Torque









  • Head/Tail Lights
  • High Top Speed
  • Lots of Torque


  • Weight
  • Single Motor

Before dropping BIG Money on an Electric Off Road Skateboard like the Fiik Big Daddy you probably want to know what you can expect, Right? Unfortunately, the limited information out there is either out of date or just a sales pitch. In my Fiik Big Daddy Review you will find an honest detailed account of what you can and can’t expect from this Monster Truck of an All Terrain Skateboard.

Overall Design

The Big Daddy Skateboard is the Hummer of Electric Skateboards. If you are looking for a sleek style board, this is obviously not the skateboard for you. Everything about this all terrain skateboard shouts OFF ROAD BEAST! Huge trucks, big knobby tires, and a long penny board shape deck.

It is not made for riding around a crowed city street or commuting, but I bet people would get out of your way pretty quick when they see this thing coming! You can expect lots of attention from strangers, I usually just give em a thumbs up and keep on riding. The Big Daddy is built like a TANK, you can easily skate down curbs and onto pretty much any terrain without fear of damaging the skateboard. It is not water proof so steer clear of large puddles.

Board Weight

This is clearly not a light weight electric skateboard, but I don’t know of any real off road skateboards that are. Several off road electric skateboards are as much as 70+lbs… try those out for a few days and the Fiik Big Daddy will seem light by comparison.  Thankfully the Fiik Big Daddy has a sturdy handle making it a little easier to carry around. When I am riding off road trails I occasionally have to carry it over puddles and really rocky terrain, although I wouldn’t want to carry it a mile short distances are not an issue.

Total weight of the board depends on the battery pack that you choose. They no longer offer the older Lead Acid Battery.  The 13ah Fiik Big Daddy weighs in at 50lbs, and the 30ah Fiik Big Daddy weighs 60lbs total. Either of these boards can carry up to 300lbs of weight.

Tires and Traction

The Fiik Big Daddy comes with Pneumatic Heavy Duty Knobby Off Road / All Terrain tires. I have tried both the smooth Fiik Street Surfer wheels and the standard Big Daddy Knobby wheels. Both have their advantages. Check out my detailed Fiik Street Surfer Review to compare.

If I am strictly riding off road the knobby tires work a little better. They also provide a bit more clearance for the battery pack and motor when you go over rocks and roots. When I am riding mostly on the road the Street Surfer tires are a lot smoother ride and still handle almost all terrain.

I think the Knobby Tires are a little more for show then for go, but they do look pretty Bad A!

Fiik Big Daddy Skateboard

Fiik Big Daddy Skateboard Unboxing


The Big Daddy comes with a 1000W Brushless belt driven Motor. This motor has some serious torque and should not be underestimated.  I always start on the 1st or 2nd speed setting and work my way up.  Even on the 2nd speed setting the front end will lift off the ground if your not shifting your weight forward.

There is only one motor which has some pros and cons. Another board I use gets noticeably better traction because it is 2 wheel drive, however with 2 motors there is more maintenance and expense and still no where near as much power or range as the Fiik Big Daddy.


The Big Daddy is not made for tight turns (excluding power carving). Steering is just like any other skateboard, just give your self a little extra room.  I really haven’t had any issue riding on dirt trails making turns or even quick adjustments to avoid a huge root or rock.  If I’m riding down a sidewalk a 90 Degree turn isn’t a big deal either (may roll onto the grass a bit), however a full U Turn requires 1/2 – 3/4 of a standard street width.


This skateboard has a Top Speed of 22 MPH with 4 speed settings, which on the newer version can be controlled on the remote while riding. With the older original Big Daddy you had to open the battery compartment to change the speed setting so this is a Huge improvement.

You will want to start on setting 1 and slowly work your way up. The speed setting seems to control both the top end speed and the torque.

Ride at Night

The Fiik Big Daddy is equipped with a front head light and red tail light for night rides. Use the remote to operate the lights on the board while riding.  Older Big Daddy Skateboards had a switch to operate the lights under the board.

Range & Battery Options

With the phase out of the old Lead Acid Batteries you now have two battery pack options.

  • 15AH Lithium Poly (LiFePo4) 15 Miles – When I tested this I was able to get 13 Miles 90% street riding. It’s a bit hilly here, but I would bet 100% street riding with fewer hills you could go about 15 Miles. Fiik clearly states that the range is dependent on several factors like rider weight, terrain, etc… I am 180lbs FYI
  • 30AH Lithium Poly (LiFePo4) 50 Miles – I should be getting my upgraded battery pack at the end of August when they are in stock. I will update this review at that point. I have no plans to go 50 Miles, but would be really pumped if I can get closer to a 30 Mile range.

Why did I chose to spend an extra $400 when the 13AH has plenty of range? Well, I plan to ride this bad boy on trails, up and down hills, on the beach, and even use it to tow my kids around (yea that’s right)! All of which will reduce the range. Also, I have found the re charge time to be closer to 5 Hours.  I may never go 50 Miles straight, but I love to Skate on and off all day and down time is no fun.

ABS Re Generative Breaking

Yes, it has ABS breaks that actually re charge the battery pack. I’m not sure how much of an effect this has on the range, but it is a pretty cool feature.  The breaks are controlled using the trigger on the remote, which you push forward to engage.  The breaks work very well, just like the throttle so ease into it.


A common complaint about electric skateboards or E Boards is the remote. I can honestly say I love this remote.  It’s sturdy, and ergonomic. The LCD screen shows you the speed in KM/H, skateboard battery life, remote battery life, speed setting, reverse, and lights if on. There are 3 Buttons and a trigger.  You can turn lights on, put it in reverse, and change the speed setting using the rechargeable remote.

The remotes battery life is 10 hours which is enough to charge it and forget about it for awhile. It will disconnect from the board if you walk about 10′ away, but automatically reconnects when you get closer. I have never had a connection issue with this remote.

Check out my detailed review and description on the Fiik Big Daddy and Street Surfer Remote.

Fiik Big Daddy Review Conclusion

This board is insanely fun! I constantly look for excuses to ride it. When it’s charging I am checking for that little green light in hopes that it is ready for another thrashing. If you are looking for an all terrain electric skateboard that can seamlessly go from street to grass to dirt and back… The Fiik Big Daddy is the skateboard for you!

Fiik Big Daddy Review