Fiik Street Surfer


Off Road Traction


Speed and Torque









  • Speed
  • Torque
  • Smooth Ride
  • LED Lights
  • Handle


  • Weight
  • One Motor

If the Big Daddy is the Linebacker of Off Road Skateboards the Fiik Street Surfer is the wide receiver. In this Fiik Street Surfer Review you will find detailed info so you can make the best decision. You can expect great quality from any of the Fiik Products, but the Street Surfer is a Standout! This beast can take a beating and still ride smooth as Fiik!

Shredding Sand on the Fiik Street Surfer

Shredding Sand on the Fiik Street Surfer skateboard


You can expect plenty of Torque from the 1000W Brushless All Terrain In Runner Motor. With a Top Speed of 22MPH the Fiik Street Surfer will satisfy your need for speed. Expect slower speeds off road as the motor has to work a little harder. This motor is a beast off road, plowing over grass, chunky dirt, rocks, and roots.

Battery 13AH and 30AH Enduro

You have Two Battery choices with the Street Surfer. 13AH and 30AH Enduro, the “AH” stands for Amperage Hours or the amount of energy charge in a battery that will allow one amp of current to flow for one hour. All you really need to know is the higher the AH the longer you can ride before needing a re charge. However, double the AH does not nessisarly mean double the riding time.

13AH Battery: 12-20 Miles per charge with a 4-5 hour charge time.  This is the Battery I currently have.  I live in Northern VA with plenty of gently slopping hills and I weigh 180lbs.  The furtherest I have gone on a single charge is 14 Miles including some gentle carving and very little off road riding (I was attempting to simulate a commute, but couldn’t resist a little fun). For most electric skateboarders the 13AH provides plenty of juice to get where your going and back.

30AH Enduro Lithium Battery: Up to 50 Miles per charge according to the Fiik Website.  However, i’m extremely skeptical.  I ordered this battery and am looking forward to testing it (will report back when I receive it). If I end up getting 25 + miles on a charge I would be pretty happy. For most people this battery is probably overkill.

There are days I use my skateboard all morning with the kids and the battery is drained by the kids nap time (when I could go out by myself). I am also expecting to get even more use on vacations to the beach or pretty much anywhere. The Street Surfer is the perfect board for exploring rural areas.

Off Road

Don’t be deceived by the name, the Street Surfer is built for off-road skateboarding too. This bad boy goes seamlessly from the street to the grass, dirt, gravel, etc. You can pretty much concur any terrain. The big wheels give you plenty of clearance to jump curbs, climb roots, and rocks.

On the Street

The name says it all in this case.  Gliding down the street on the Fiik Street Surfer feels a bit like floating. Surfing is fun, but with the added benefit of complete control over speed and destination the Street Surfer wins my vote. The wheel base is a bit closer then the Big Daddy providing better maneuverability and tighter turns.

Street Surfer 30AH Skateboard

Street Surfer 30AH Skateboard

Street Surfer Wheels

The smooth Street Surfer Wheels perform perfectly on or off road. They are a bit smaller than the Big Daddy Tires at 8.86″, but not a huge difference. I actually liked these wheels so much I bought them for my Fiik Big Daddy and they get a ton of use.


The Street Surfer remote works great, I have had no issues with it. It is rechargeable via USB, each charge last about 10 hours.  Honestly the charge lasts so long, I often forget about it completely. On rare occasions the remote will briefly disconnect from the skateboard, but quickly auto reconnects. For a detailed review and instructions on using the Street Surfer Remote check out my review here.

Speed Settings

The top speed is 22MPH, which feels plenty fast on this giant off road skateboard.  There are four speed settings that control  the top speed, and also seem to limit the torque.

  • Speed 1 – Lowest speed, first time stepping on the street surfer? Start here.
  • Speed 2 – Low Mid, You will get bored of the first setting immediately, so level up to 2. This is the highest speed I use when I ride with my kids. It’s easy to get comfortable here and feel completely safe.
  • Speed 3 – High Mid, Perfect cruising speed.  It takes a bit longer to get fully comfortable on setting 3.  Especially great for off road riding.
  • Speed 4 – Warp Speed, This is fast! On setting four if you need to bail you won’t be landing on your feet! Wear safety gear please!


The Street Surfer is not light by any stretch of the imagination, however I plan on riding on top of the board so this doesn’t matter much.  In fact the weight helps with off road traction. With the 13AH battery the Fiik Street Surfer weighs 50lbs and the 30AH is an extra 10lbs.

Besides occasionally plopping the board in the trunk, I don’t often pick it up. There is a handle which helps a lot in those rare moments.


The Deck has a deep concave that helps maneuver turns.  Grip tape is imprinted with a retro speed strip design.

LED Lights

Night riding is my favorite way to use my off road skateboard.  Not many boards come standard with head/tail lights so this is a great feature. Great for safety and visibility. You can turn the LED lights on/off using the remote.

Fiik Big Daddy Vs. Street Surfer

You can not go wrong with this choice! These skateboards are very similar with only a few key differences. To check out my full Fiik Big Daddy Review to compare.

  1. The Street Surfer has a tighter wheel base to provide better maneuverability
  2. The Street Surfer is a whopping 1lb lighter!
  3. Most obvious is the Wheels, you will have a noticeable smoother ride with the street surfer wheels.  You will likely draw a little more attention with the Big Daddy.
  4. Grip tape design (probably not your main concern)

They use the same remote, battery, motor, belts, and bearings. Like I said either way they are both awesome electric skateboards.

Fiik Street Surfer Off Road Skateboard

Killing it on the Street Surfer Off Road Skateboard


Regenerative ABS brakes on a skateboard? Yup, we are living in the future! I use the brakes VERY often and they work well. The brakes on the Fiik Street Surfer will bring you to a skidding stop if you want.

Fiik Street Surfer Review Conclusion

I am a fan of many Fiik products, but the Street Surfer might be my favorite. If you are looking for the highest quality electric all terrain skateboard that will easily cruise down the street, grass, dirt, and even packed sand, look no further.