MotoTec 1600W Off Road Skateboard


Off Road Traction


Speed and Torque









  • Low Price for an Off Road Skateboard
  • ABS Brakes
  • Great Traction


  • Very Heavy
  • No Lights
  • No Handle
  • Short Range
MotoTec 1600w Electric Off Road Skateboard

MotoTec 1600w Electric Off Road Skateboard After first ride!

The MotoTec 1600W Off Road Skateboard was my first all terrain skateboard. Since then I have bought and tried several different boards. The MotoTec is substantially less expensive then similar looking off-road electric skateboards, but how does it compare?

Well, the MotoTec is insanely fun! It took about 5 hours to fully charge. I road it right out my backyard and onto a ROUGH trail mowing through tall grass, thick weeds, even small brush with NO problem at all. Up and down hills through mud, gravel, and wet sand. I am telling you this thing is crazy fun.  I am far from an expert skateboarder and it is VERY easy to ride because of the size of the board, tires, trucks, and shocks.


The MotoTec 1600w has 2 speeds so you can get used to the board. I honestly planned on keeping it on low for the first couple of days to get used to it, however I had it cranked up to high within 30 minutes.  You need the extra power for big hills anyway. Max speed is 22 MPH… I was able to get up to that on the road which was plenty fast. Off road riding requires more power so you won’t get up to 22 MPH, but “High” speed is still plenty fast for me off-roading.

Battery Life

The MotoTec Dirt Board has 3 12v Lead Acid batteries (Lead acid batteries are in most cars).  This is the bulk of the weight of the 71lb skateboard.  After reading the reviews online I had no doubt this skateboard would NOT go the full 10 miles listed on the ads (especially off-roading). I did however hope it would come close with a fully charged new battery, unfortunately it came closer to 5-6 miles with a VERY noticeable lose of power at 2-3 miles. I had to have a friend come pic me up and take me home so that I wouldn’t have to  carry this board 2 miles through the woods.


You will not be making tight turns on an off road skateboard this size and it is too heavy to kick turn.  However, it is not made for riding through the city and the turning radius is  perfectly fine for tearing up the off road trails.  Even so I frequently grab the board and lean hard to make turns because it is just plain fun! Also, the board has ABS Brakes and they work perfect.

Wireless Remote Controller

One of the biggest complaints I read online was about a “flimsy” remote and issues with the battery door.  The remote does feel a bit flimsy, and the remote door was VERY tough to open. Otherwise the remote worked flawlessly.  It is very easy to control the speed and go as slow or fast as you want.  You can change from high to low speed easily as you ride with the push of a button (which came in handy frequently).

Built to Last?

This thing is built like a tank! You defiantly don’t feel like you need to be gentle with it.  Unfortunately, on my 2nd ride about 2 miles into the trail thought I felt the belt slipping.  It turned out I had busted a wheel bearing and the little balls were grinding around tearing up the wheel spacer and what was left of the bearing.  Since it has 2 motors I was able to limp it back to my car and didn’t have to carry it the whole way. As it turned out, this was not a tough fix.  I bought some extra bearings and a wheel spacer from Lowes and was back in business.

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the board waterproof? No it is electric and not tightly sealed enough to not have to worry at all about water. However, would feel comfortable riding in light rain and through mud, but not large puddles.

Can you find spare parts? Yes, but not super easy to find and order. In my opinion the board should come with an extra wheel bearing and maybe a belt.

How far can you go on a single charge? The ads online say it goes 10 miles, but I think 6-8 depending on weight, speed, and terrain is a lot more accurate. If you are tearing up rough trails and carving hard probably more like 5-6 miles.

How big is it? VERY BIG, it would take up most of a typical sedan trunk or back seat.


I bought this skateboard on Amazon through my prime membership on purpose.  No cost to return it within 30 days, however I will be keeping it.  I don’t mind replacing a wheel bearing, belt, tire, spacer, or whatever every once in a while. I was a bit disappointed that it needed a repair so soon, but hopefully that was just a fluke.

If you want to try out off-road skateboarding, but price is a concern this board will get you started. I would absolutely recommend this board for someone interested in starting out as long as you understand 6-8 miles max distance and it WILL start slowing down around 4-5 miles… and you will likely need to do some basic repairs occasionally so order some extra parts and carry them with you along with some basic tools (included in the box).